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Glycinex™ Disinfectant Neutralizer

Glutaraldehyde and OPA Neutralizer

Glycinex™ Fast: Glycinex™ completely neutralizes disinfectant in 5 minutes. No overnight waiting to dispose of waste.

Easy: Add the recommended amount of Glycinex™ crystals to your disinfectant. A noticeable color change will occur during deactivation.

Economical: Glycinex™ converts Glutaraldehyde and Ortho-Phthaladehyde into a non-toxic, pH-neutral compound in 5 minutes. It reduces the monetary and time costs associated with hazardous waste disposal. No more filling out and documenting hazardous waste manifests when you use Glycinex™.

Safe: Glycinex™ has no corrosive acids or unstable oxidizers. Heating is not required. This means that larger volumes of Glutaraldehyde and Ortho-Phthaladehyde based products can be safely neutralized without dangerous heat build-up. Glycinex™ and the neutralized product that is formed are not harmful to active bacteria used in treating sewage and sewer sludge.

Glycinex™ uses Glycine as its sole active ingredient.

Product #: ACX4400

Manufactured by: AirClean® Systems


2 oz packets, 24 per case
Qwik Dry TEE Probe Drying Cloth

QwikDry Tee Probe Drying Cloth

QwikDry ClothEffectively removes moisture and slides freely over TEE probe shaft
The introduction of potentially harmful contaminates after a TEE ultrasound probe has been properly high-level disinfected is a reality in today’s healthcare environment.

A properly dried TEE ultrasound probe, prior to storage, is critical in minimizing the possibility of water-borne bacteria contamination during storage. A wet probe, stored in a plastic sheath or hung freely for drying, can allow airborne contaminates to foster growth of spores and bacteria. Some of the current methods employed for drying after high-level disinfection include; reusable sponge, paper towel, cotton cloth, and surgical gauze. These solutions, though effective in the drying of a TEE probe, could introduce outside contaminates. The sponge, if reused, could foster spore and bacteria growth while the towel, cloth and gauze could contain outside contaminates introduced during the manufacturing or handling process prior to being used.

QwikDry removes the current issues associated with other drying methods employed in today’s healthcare facilities. QwikDry is an individually packaged, irradiated cloth with a super absorbent matrix and ultra-smooth texture surface that effectively removes moisture and slides freely over the TEE ultrasound probe shaft. Each cloth is designed for single-use, thus removing the potential for cross-contamination and potential microbiological growth. The QwikDry TEE probe drying cloths are the next solution for healthcare professional that are tasked with minimizing healthcare associated infections.

QwikDry TEE probe drying cloths have been developed to give healthcare professionals the added confidence of properly dried ultrasound TEE probes prior to re-use or storage. The super absorbent pad effectively removes moisture from TEE ultrasound probes without damaging the probe or sticking to the ultrasound probe during the drying process. The QwikDry cloth is simple to use and is packaged in an easy to open Chevron pouch. The QwikDry cloth can be opened prior to removal of the TEE probe from the TD 100® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector. Once the disinfected TEE probe is removed from the TD 100, simply apply the QwikDry cloth to the insertion shaft of the probe and slide it freely down the shaft to absorb any residual moisture.

The QwikDry TEE Probe Drying Cloth is also part of our TEE Complete Care – 10 Steps to Successful TEE Probe Reprocessing

Product #: 200880

Manufactured by: CS Medical LLC


TD-12® AquaCide High-Level Disinfectant

TD-12 AquaCide is a granulated peracetic acid based high-level disinfectant used with the TD 200® automated TEE probe disinfector. The TD 200 is a microprocessorcontrolled, low-temperature high-level disinfection method for TEE ultrasound probes. The disinfectant, 0.3% precursors to peracetic acid, and an anticorrosive agent are supplied in a single-dose container. The container is punctured at the time of use, immediately prior to closing the lid and initiating the cycle. The concentrated precursors to peracetic acid are diluted to 0.3% or 3000 ppm peracetic acid solution, with a pH of 8.5 to 9, within the TD 200 disinfection reservoir at a constant temperature of 38°C. The peracetic acid solution is circulated within the disinfection system of the device for 3 minutes, high-level disinfecting the TEE probe.

TD-12 AquaCide has been evaluated and approved for use to high-level disinfect TEE probes by various manufacturers.


  • Single dose packaging – No MRC testing required
  • Single-use container is pierced inside the machine
  • Chemical splashes, spills, and vapors are contained through an advanced vapor management system within the TD 200
  • High-Level Disinfection in 3 minutes when used with the TD 200

Product #: CS-TD-12

Manufactured by: Phoenix Airmid Biomedical


32 bottles per case

TD-5 is a glutaraldehyde-based, high-level disinfectant made specifically for the TD-100.

The TD-5 disinfectant is a single-use high-level disinfectant that is used exclusively with the TD-100. The TD-5 has been tested to effectively kill potentially harmful microorganisms without damaging the TEE probe. Since the TD-100 uses a fresh TD-5 bottle for each cycle, the need for continuous MEC testing is eliminated.

The single-use one-pint container is pierced inside the machine. Splashes, spills, and vapors are contained. An advanced vapor management system within the TD-100 adsorbs vapors during disinfection.


TD-5 is part of our TEE Complete Care – 10 Steps to Successful TEE Probe Reprocessing

Product #: TD5

Manufactured by: Phoenix Airmid Biomedical


32 bottles per case

The TD-8 disinfectant is a single-use, 0.59% Ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) based, high-level disinfectant that when used with the TD 100, provides a five minute high-level disinfection of TEE probes.

The TD 100 with  TD-8 has been tested by TEE probe manufacturers for material compatibility. Both the machine and disinfectants have been approved by these companies for use in the high-level disinfection of their individual TEE probes. Please contact your probe manufacturer for full details and compliance documentation.


  • Single dose packaging – No MRC testing required
  • Single-use, one-pint container is pierced inside the machine
  • Chemical splashes, spills, and vapors are contained through an advanced vapor management system within the TD 100
  • High-Level Disinfection in 5 minutes when used with the TD 100

Product #: TD8

Manufactured by: Phoenix Airmid Biomedical


32 bottles per case
TEEZyme® for TEEClean

TEEZyme for use with the TEEClean Automated Cleaner Disinfector, is the is the cleaning agent used in the automated cleaning phase of the TEEClean. TEEZyme is an enzymatic solution that is autmatically injected into the cleaning and disinfection reservoir of the TEEClean.


Product #: 201200

Manufactured by: CS Medical LLC


2 x 500ml bottles / case
TEEZyme®MC Enzymatic Cleaner

TEEZymeMCTEEZymeMC Enzymatic Cleaner – Leaves instruments free of blood and protein in 2 minutes.

TEEZymeMC is a dual enzymatic cleaner that removes blood, protein, mucus, vomit and fecal matter. This formulation of Protease and Amylase enzymes, with buffers and non-ionic detergents, is perfect for all scopes and instruments and extends usable lifetime. TEEZymeMC will solve any problem with clogged channels, sticky forceps or clouded lenses and will leave both scopes and instruments free of any unpleasant odors or baked-on blood.

Product #: 201910

Manufactured by: CS Medical LLC


4 x 1 gallon bottles / case
TEEZyme™ TEE Probe Enzymatic Sponge


The only TEE probe specific sponge on the market

TEEZyme™ TEE Probe Enzymatic Sponges are a quick and effective pre-treatment for your TEE probes.

TEEZyme™ TEE Probe Enzymatic Sponges are uniquely contoured to fit around the outside sheath of TEE probes.  Each super absorbent TEEZyme™ sponge is pre-saturated with Endozime® Bio-Clean solution, to provide a quicker, more thorough pre-cleaning.  Endozime® Bio-Clean solution is a neutral pH, multi-tiered enzymatic detergent.  It is specifically formulated to remove gross contaminants while targeting the polysaccharides in biofilm.  Endozime® Bio-Clean solution is an ideal pre-treatment for your TEE probes and helps ensure effective high level disinfection with the TD100® Disinfector and TD-5® Disinfectant solution.

TEEZyme™ sponges guarantee even dispersal of the Endozime® Bio-Clean solution over the entire TEE probe surface and ensure sufficient contact time for the detergent to break down contaminants and biofilm.



  • The only TEE probe specific sponge on the market
  • Bio-Clean Technology™ aids in the solubilization of polysaccharides and removal of biofilm allowing for high-level disinfectants to kill
  • Proprietary blend of enzymes designed to break down all bio burden – blood, carbohydrates, protein, polysaccharides, fats, oils, uric acid and other nitrogenous compounds
  • Pre-cleans inanimate surfaces where biofilm, germs, allergens or microorganisms can hide, thrive and grow
  • Individually wrapped for single use to help decrease cross contamination
  • Line Free/Latex Free/Dust Free
  • The sponges have been treated with a preservative to inhibit and protect the product from mold, fungus and bacteria

TEEZyme Sponges are also part of our TEE Complete Care – 10 Steps to Successful TEE Probe Reprocessing

Product #: CS-200750

Manufactured by: CS Medical LLC


Box of 100 sponges
TPorter TEE Probe Transport Device

TPorter Probe Transportation Case

TPorter provides a complete compliance solution for TEE probe transport

TPorter™, TEE Ultrasound Probe Transportation and Procedure Case, was designed to effectively and securely move high-level disinfected TEE ultrasound probes to the procedure area and then return the biologically soiled TEE ultrasound probe for reprocessing. TPorter is a complete delivery system that allows healthcare personnel to move delicate TEE ultrasound probes throughout the healthcare facility and deliver them in a manner that creates a standardized operating procedure. TPorter, as a dedicated transportation device, will help minimize the risk of probe damage and reduce staff exposure to potentially hazardous biological material. CS Medical engineers created TPorter to be more than just a TEE ultrasound probe transportation case, TPorter is an engineered solution for the healthcare professional that cleans, high-level disinfects, stores and delivers TEE ultrasound probes for patient care.

A well-designed TEE transportation system is recognized as an important contributor to the extended service life of a TEE probe. The delicate nature of a TEE probe requires a solution that securely and adequately holds the TEE ultrasound probe during transport without adding stress or shock to the probe handle, shaft or distal tip.

Product #: CS-200950

Manufactured by: CS-Medical


27.5"W x 19"D x 3.75"H