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AC600 Endoscopy Workstations

The AC600 Series ushers in a new era of endoscopy containment systems.

The ACAC632 - Endoscopy Workstation600 Series ductless endoscopy workstations provide the maximum level of operator safety while providing a low cost solution to high-level disinfectant vapour control during endoscope disinfection and cleaning. Standard on the AC600 Series is AirSafe™, a state-of-the-art microprocessor safety controller that constantly monitors airflow, filter condition, and disinfectant life for the healthcare professional.


  • AirSafe™ automatic safety controller for complete system monitoring.
  • Revolutionary, chemisorptive bonded carbon neutralizing filter.
  • Meets current A.A.M.I. ST58 guidelines for safe handling of Glutaraldehyde.
  • Uses no more bench space than your current trays.
  • Accommodates virtually any tray layout of disinfectant and rinse trays.
  • Suitable for use with rigid or flexible endoscope disinfection.
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • No installation or ducting required.
  • Integral base will hold up to a 3-gallon spill
  • Bi-fold sash provides eye shield from potential splashing
  • Available in multiple height, width, and filtration configurations.

GlutAway Pump – transfers disinfectant and rinse water to waste.
Cart with locking castors (34″ height), storage shelf may be added
Polypropylene cup sink
Deck-mounted fixtures
Fluorescent lighting optional on all 32″ width workstations; standard on 48″ workstations
Glutra-Mats – absorb and neutralize glutaraldehyde spills on contact

Product #: AC632A, AC632TA, AC632TAS, AC648A, AC648TA, AC648TAS

Manufactured by: AirClean Systems


Width: 32" or 48" Height: 30", 40" or 41" Depth: 25"
ACVP50 – Ultrasound Workstation

ACVP50 – Ultrasound Workstation

ACVP50 - Ultrasound WorkstationThe ACVP50 workstation is designed to protect the operator and the environment from high-level disinfectant fumes, while providing a convenient method to handle intracavity probes during disinfection procedures. Each unit contains a 12-month bonded carbon filter to contain and neutralize the fumes associated with the high-level disinfectant.
The ACVP50 is available with three soak containers, and is designed to disinfect two endocavity probes simultaneously. One container should be used primarily for rinsing of the probe after disinfection. When not in use, the container lids should be secured and the unit switched off. Designed to fit easily on a countertop or may be mounted directly to the wall.
Comes standard with 3 bottles, 1 pack holder and 12-month bonded carbon filter.

Product #: ACVP50

Manufactured by: AirClean Systems


Width: 16" Height: 16" Depth: 12"
Blood Irradiation – RADGIL2 – XRay Irradiator

RADGIL2 – Fast, safe and effective

RADGIL2 is an X-RAY irradiator specifically designed to prevent Transfusion Associated- Graft versus Host Disease (TA-GvHD), a rare but often fatal reaction caused by the donors’ Lymphocytes-T when grafted into a recipient with a transfused blood product. RADGIL2 is an effective, modern and safer alternative to the irradiators based on a nuclear source such as Caesium137.
RADGIL2 is safe, easy to use and fast. Because the dose of ionizing radiation generated by the RADGIL2 can be easily adjusted, the machine can also be used for several research applications such as for the irradiation of:

  • Cells and Tissues
  • Bone marrow ablation on lab animals
  • Other generic applications for research purposes

Health Canada Approved.


  • In the emo configuration it can treat up to 6 bags containing each 300ml of blood components
  • It can deliver 7Gy/min on a volume of 1800ml
  • It is equipped with a rotating basket to guarantee best dose homogeneity
  • A dose of 30 Gray requires about 5 minutes
  • In the non-emo configuration the X-ray source is adjustable in two positions, high and low, to optimize the irradiation area

X-ray Blood Irradiation is the recognized and safe method for TA-GVHD prevention

RADGIL2 may also be utilised in research related to irradiating cells, tissues and culture media

See RADGIL2 in action!

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Product #: RADGIL2

Manufactured by: Gilardoni


1810mmH x 1300mm W x 840mm D 1400kg
TD 200® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector

TD200The TD 200 Automated TEE Probe Disinfector is designed to provide high-level disinfection of transesophageal (TEE) echocardiogram ultrasound probes.

In only 3 minutes, the TD 200 delivers high-level disinfection to clean TEE ultrasound probes. The TD 200 automated TEE probe disinfector uses a propriety granulated biocide, TD-12®, which is constituted in the TD 200. The single-use container of high-level disinfectant, in granulated form, is
inserted inside the TD 200. The container is sealed prior to placement into the TD 200 chamber at which time it is pierced and released inside the chamber. The TD 200 has constant negative airflow pulled across the mixing chamber and all exhaust air is passed through a bonded carbon filter to
eliminate occupational exposure to PAA fumes generated during the mixing and high-level disinfection process. The process is self-contained and simple to operate allowing the technician to reprocess a TEE probe with confidence. Total cycle time of the TD 200 is 10 minutes once the probe and TD-12 container has been inserted into the device.

The TD 200 is part of our TEE Complete Care – 10 Steps to Successful Reprocessing


• High-level disinfection complete in 3 minutes
• Microprocessor-controlled for ease of use by medical personnel
• Single-use high-level disinfectant, granulated formula
• No MRC testing necessary for high-level disinfectant
• Repeatable, verified disinfection cycle
• Built-in advanced vapor management system captures disinfectant fumes
• Printed record includes TD 200 serial number, disinfection cycle count number, time/date, contact time of TD-12, and temperature of TD-12 during HLD
• Electrical Leak Test in the TD 200

The TD 200 and TD-12 system, when used according to the manufacturer’s directions, is effective against high-risk HPV16 and HPV18


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Cost Saving

The TD 200 generates significant savings both in labor time and cycle time. The disinfection and rinse process requires less than one minute of operator time, while the whole process only takes 10 minutes.  The TD 200 allows more procedures with the same probe, while reducing stress and potential damage to probes.

Fast & Easy to Use

After inserting the TEE probe into the TD 200, you simply follow the clear prompts on the display. This takes less than one minute, 10 minutes later with no further action required by the operator, the cycle is complete. Compare that to the labor intensive manual process for disinfection and rinsing.


The TD 200 is compact and measures only 8” deep, 24” wide, and 44” high.

Automatic Waste Disposal

Upon completion of the disinfection cycle, the TD 200 automatically pumps the spent TD-12 disinfectant to drain and eliminates the potential for over-soaking the TEE probe.

Protects Your Probes

The TD 200 dramatically reduces the amount of stress and the potential for damage to TEE probes. Custom, form fitted holders safely and securely hold the TEE probe to minimize potential damage that is associated with manual reprocessing. The TD-12 high level disinfectant container is held securely to deliver the exact measured dose for proper high-level disinfection.

Printed Verification

The TD 200 performs continuous self-diagnostic tests that confirm the result in a printed report after each cycle. The date, time, disinfectant lot number, and identity of both operator and probe are recorded. If needed, additional copies can be printed directly from the machine.

High Level Disinfectant

TD-12 is a granulated peracetic acid based high-level disinfectant used with the TD 200® automated TEE probe disinfector. The TD 200 is a microprocessor controlled, low-temperature high-level disinfection method for TEE ultrasound probes. The disinfectant, 0.3% precursors to peracetic acid, and an anticorrosive agent are supplied in a single-dose container. The container is punctured at the time of use, immediately prior to closing the lid and initiating the cycle. The concentrated precursors
to peracetic acid are diluted to 0.3% or 3000 ppm peracetic acid solution, with a pH of 8.5 to 9, within the TD 200 disinfection reservoir at a constant temperature of 38°C. The peracetic acid solution is circulated within the disinfection system of the device for 3 minutes, high-level disinfecting the TEE probe. TD 200 and TD-12 system when used according to the manufacturer’s directions is effective against high-risk HPV16 and HPV18.

Protects Your Staff

The single-use one-pint container of TD-12 is pierced inside the TD 200, therefore, splashes, spills, and vapors are minimized. Fresh disinfectant is used for each cycle eliminating the need for MEC testing. An advanced vapor management system adsorbs and neutralizes vapors during the process.

Gas Phase Bonded Filters

Chemisorptive bonded filters eliminate exposure to harmful fumes and vapours associated with the high-level disinfectant. The filter adsorbs and neutralizes fumes and vapours effectively.


TD-12 has been evaluated and approved for use to high-level disinfect TEE probes by various manufacturers.


The TD 200 has FDA 510k clearance and a Health Canada device licence.

Product #: TD 200

Manufactured by: Phoenix Airmid Biomedical


Width: 24" Height: 44" Depth: 8"
TEEClean Automated TEE Probe Cleaner Disinfector

TEECleanTEEClean® Automated TEE Probe Cleaner Disinfector is the first product of its kind to be cleared by the US FDA & licenced by Health Canada. Designed exclusively for transesophageal echocardiogram ultrasound probes (TEE), TEEClean provides both manufacturers’ recommended cleaning and high-level disinfection of soiled TEE probes in the same device.

Current methods require manual cleaning to be completed so as to achieve proper high-level disinfection. TEEClean allows the healthcare professional to simply place a bedside cleaned TEE probe into the device, removing the potential of an ineffectively cleaned TEE probe being high-level disinfected.

TEEClean provides both a scientifically verified and repeatable method for cleaning of soiled TEE probe. Incorporated in TEEClean is TEEZyme®, an enzymatic solution that is injected into the cleaning and disinfection reservoir once a soiled TEE probe has been properly inserted. The TEEClean microprocessor controller then monitors all parameters of the cleaning step to ensure completion prior to high-level disinfection. After cleaning, TEEClean begins the validated and repeatable high-level disinfection process.

One minute of the technician’s time to interact with TEEClean will begin the process of cleaning and high-level disinfecting a soiled TEE ultrasound probe. Just follow the helpful on-screen prompts.

TEEClean stores a list of all TEE probes that could be cleaned and disinfected with the device. TEEClean will manage up to 99 individual TEE probes.

TEEClean stores up to 99 unique user names and assigns user numbers to all trained technicians that use the device with scanning of a barcode associated with the user number or through a manual lookup on the LCD touchscreen.

TEEClean provides prompts for completion of electrical leakage testing. Electrical leakage testing results are then recorded in TEEClean by the technician and then printed on the verification record as well as stored in system memory.

TEEClean incorporates an FDA validated cleaning method and removes the labour and time intensive manual portion of this process. TEEClean automates the enzymatic soak that has traditionally occurred in a sink or basin. By removing the manual process, TEEClean significantly reduces the handling of the delicate transducer of the TEE probe thus further reducing the chance for damage. Cleaning is the most important element to the proper reprocessing of any reusable medical device. Without effective cleaning of the reusable medical device any disinfectant or sterilant cannot properly work.


• TEEClean has FDA 510k clearance and a Health Canada device licence for cleaning and high level disinfection of TEE probes.
• 5-minute high-level disinfection of TEE probes
• TEEZyme® enzymatic cleaning solution
• 7” LCD color touchscreen display with vivid user icons for easy operation
• Data entry with integrated barcode scanner or manual keyboard entry
• Printed disinfection and maintenance record with integrated printer
• Electronic record logging of all cleaning, disinfection and maintenance events for download, retention of over 15,000 records held in memory
• 5 nanometer filtered rinse water (.005 micron) — FDA cleared Class II medical device for ultra clean rinse water
• Advanced vapor management system
• Full system high-level disinfection for added preventative maintenance

• Validated and repeatable cleaning and high-level disinfection
• Reduced TEE probe handling
• Electronic record retention
• Simplified workflow


See the TEEClean in action!

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Product #: TCD-100S

Manufactured by: Phoenix Airmid BIomedical


12" D x 36" W x 44" H