Disinfection Systems: Tee Probe Storage

CleanShield – Endoscope Storage Cabinet



CleanShield™ Endoscope Storage Cabinet provides a proper storage environment that protects delicate endoscopes from potential damage and minimizes environmental contamination after disinfection.
During storage, disinfected endoscopes are hung securely in a vertical position while filtered ambient air bathes the chamber and disinfected scopes. Room air is drawn through pre-filtration and HEPA filtration before contacting the disinfected endoscopes that are securely hung inside the CleanShield™ storage cabinet.

Specailized fixtures allow for secure and easy placement of the endoscope control unit while the channel and power pack cables hang freely within the cabinet.

CleanShield™ Endoscope Storage Cabinet is designed to accommodate the following types of endoscopes:

  • Colonoscopes
  • Gastroscopes
  • Laryngoscopes
  • Sigmoidoscopes
  • Esophagoscopes
  • Enteroscopes
  • Bronchoscopes
  • Choledochoscopes
  • Rhinolaryngoscopes
  • Duodenoscopes
  • Echoendoscopes
  • Fiberscopes

Depending on the model, the CleanShield™ will effectively accommodate up to six or nine disinfected endoscope probes.

Constructed from seamless polypropylene, making them an ideal storage solution for a variety of endoscopes. Polypropylene is easy to clean with any hard surface disinfectant, is non-hygroscopic and will not rust.

Access into the storage cabinet is gained through the epoxy coated steel door with polycarbonate viewing panel. For added security the steel door can be locked to prevent access or removal by unauthorized personnel.

CleanShield™ provides:

  • Secure vertical hanging of endoscopes
  • Filtered dust-free area for storage
  • Good ventilation with two stage filtered air
  • Polypropylene seamless construction fro easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Locking epoxy coated steel door


Product #: ACCES09 or ACCES06

Manufactured by: AirClean Systems


External Dimensions: 15 1/4" x 38 1/4" x 92 1/8"
CleanShield – TEE Probe Storage Cabinet

AC-TE-03 TEE probe storage cabinetThe CleanShield TEE Probe Storage Cabinet is designed for storing disinfected TEE probes. Constructed from natural-white, thermally-fused polypropylene, the AC-TE-03/06 storage cabinet is easy to clean with any disinfectant. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture and will not breakdown when exposed to harsh cleaning solvents making it the ideal material of construction for the TEE probe storage cabinet.

Positive pressure HEPA-filtered clean air bathes the disinfected TEE probes to minimize the potential of airborne contaminants entering into the cabinet. The TEE probe storage cabinet is designed with hanging clips and shelves to allow for easy and secure placement of the disinfected TEE probe. The TEE probe is allowed to hang freely inside the TEE probe storage cabinet while the TEE probe headset and cable are held in secure positions. Once the TEE probe has been safely placed inside the storage cabinet the door can be closed and locked for added security. The AC-TE-03 Polypropylene TEE Probe Storage Cabinet is designed to accommodate up to three TEE probes. The AC-TE-06 Polypropylene TEE Probe Storage Cabinet is designed to accommodate up to six TEE probes.

Features:AC-TE-06 TEE Probe Storage Cabinet product

  • Thermally-fused polypropylene construction
  • HEPA filtered clean air- positive pressure
  • Specially designed hanging clips and shelves
  • Locking front door for securing TEE probes
  • Specially designed for TEE probes ONLY
  • Clear viewing panel in door
  • Padded lower section to protect delicate TEE probe tip

The CleanShield TEE  Probe Storage Cabinet is also part of our TEE Complete Care – 10 Steps to Successful TEE Probe Reprocessing

Product #: ACTE03 or ACTE06

Manufactured by: AirClean Systems


Exterior Dimensions: 88”H x 25 ¼ “W x 10 D Interior Dimensions: 70 ¾“ H x 24 ½“ W x 9 ¼“ D Weight: 115 lbs AC-TE-06 is two AC-TE-03 cabinets combined.