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TD100: When was the last time you cleaned your J-Tube Screen?

Preventative Maintenance of the TD100.

Cleaning the J-Tube Screen.

Your TD100 TEE Probe Disinfector requires very little maintenance activity to ensure a long lifetime of probe disinfections. One part is a regularly scheduled program of cleaning the J-Tube Screen. Cleaning the J-Tube Screen every 3-6 months (depending on usage) can help avoid downtime with your TD100. By removing the J-Tube Screen from the TD100 and then flushing the J-Tube screen with warm water, you will remove built-up grime and particulate matter and avoid potential downtime.

Avoid TD100 down time. Clean your J-tube Screen every 3-6 months.


For detailed instructions on how to clean the J-Tube Screen in your TD100, please contact us at

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