TEE Complete Care

Achieve Compliance to the Standards & Guidelines for the Reprocessing of TEE Probes

Phoenix Airmid Biomedical’s TEE Complete Care products provide quality device care and storage, minimize healthcare operational costs, improve service readiness and increase regulatory compliance.
TEE Complete Care helps minimize patient exposure to improperly reprocessed TEE probes and reduces the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

10 Steps to TEE Probe Reprocessing Compliance

Request a copy of the illustrated step-by-step guideline for successful TEE probe reprocessing.

TEE Complete Care Provides a Standardized Approach to TEE Reprocessing

TEE Complete Care products enable hospitals with a reliable and repeatable process for the cleaning, high-level disinfection, drying, storage and transportation of their TEE probes. By implementing TEE Complete Care into your reprocessing procedures, your health care facility will achieve a Standardized Operating Procedure (SOP) that follows industry accredited guidelines and is essential for patient care.

Improved Consistency & Quality
Improved Consistency & Quality

TEE Complete Care provides a complete SOP for TEE probe reprocessing. Delivering repeatable, consistent and controlled results.

Reduce the Risk of HAIs
Reduce the Risk of HAIs

TEE Complete Care was developed to equip healthcare professionals with a systematic and effective process for proper reprocessing that minimizes Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)

Reduce Damage to TEE Probes
Reduce Damage to TEE Probes

Improper reprocessing may result in probe damage and expensive repair cost. TEE Complete Care provides proper reprocessing guidelines and reduces the amount of probe handling and inadvertent damage by personnel.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

TEE Complete Care increases the efficiencies of your department by reducing the reprocessing time required for each probe. Single-use products eliminate the requirement for - and also the time and cost associated with - MRC testing. The fast and easy to use TD 100 provides a 17-minute reprocessing cycle, allowing you to complete more procedures with the same probe.

Improving Patient Care and Streamlining TEE Probe Reprocessing

Phoenix Airmid and the TD 100 Automated TEE Probe Disinfector and TD-5 high-level disinfectant have helped hospitals across Canada successfully reprocess their TEE probes for over 12 years. The TD 100 and TD-5 has an industry leading, proven track record of compliance, with zero reportable incidents to the FDA or Health Canada.
With TEE Complete Care Phoenix Airmid now extends this proven level of quality to the entire TEE Ultrasound probe reprocessing cycle. Implementing a complete and reliable, cleaning and high-level disinfection process is essential for providing quality patient care.

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Single-Use Products

TD-5, TD-8, TEEZyme Enzymatic Sponges, NUZyme Enzymatic Sponges, and QwikDry Drying cloths, are single-use and individually packaged and therefore deliver assurances that cannot be found in reusable products.

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Eliminate Potential Cross-Contamination

When probes are reprocessed with single-use products the possibility of transferring spore or bacteria growth or other possible contaminants is eliminated.

Guaranteed Concentration Levels

Single-use products have a guaranteed specific concentration level and there is no risk of decreased concentration due to rinse water dilution or from contamination

Consistent Efficacy

Once opened, reusable products will age and become less effective. Single-use products completely avoid this risk and the same level of efficacy is achieved every time.

Follow these 10 steps for Successful TEE Probe Reprocessing

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  • 1. Clean at Point of Use
  • 2. Safely Transport soiled probe after use
  • 3. Pre clean with an Enzymatic cleaner
  • 4. Dry & Remove excess moisture
  • 5. Test for Electrical Leaks
  • 6. Conduct High-Level Disinfection
  • 7. Rinse
  • 8. Dry & Remove excess moisture
  • 9. Proper Storage
  • 10. Safely Transport clean probe to procedure

Download the detailed step-by-step instructions today to help your facility achieve a streamlined approach for safely and efficiently reprocessing TEE ultrasound probes.

The TEE Complete Care Product Portfolio

The TEE Complete Care portfolio includes products designed for bedside cleaning, electrical leak testing, precleaning, high-level disinfection, drying, transporting, and storing the TEE ultrasound probe.

TEEZyme® sponges are not only uniquely contoured to fit the TEE probe but also contain a multi-tiered enzyme-based detergent with a neutral pH. The detergent’s enzyme blend removes gross matter such as blood, protein, oils, carbohydrates, protein, and polysaccharides. Applying these one-time use, disposable sponges immediately after a procedure helps high-level disinfectants work effectively.

Made from durable polycarbonate to withstand handling, TPorter TEE Probe Procedure/Transportation Case protects the TEE probe from damage during the transportation of the probe throughout the hospital. The TPorter keeps your team free from exposure to the hazardous biomaterial from a soiled probe and keeps a disinfected probe free from exposure to contaminants on its way to the patient. An easy-to-use slide locking lid keeps the probe securely in place during transport.

After pre-cleaning the TEE probe with the TEEZyme® sponge, a PullUp ® Bio Barrier Sleeve covers the probe during transport to the cleaning station.

After placing the probe into the TPorter® Transport case, red plastic tags insert easily into the case to indicate the probe needs disinfecting.

After high-level disinfection, a PullUp® TEE probe covers the TEE ultrasound probe before placing it into the TPorter® for transport back to procedure rooms.

When the disinfected TEE probe is placed into the TPorter® Transport case, green plastic tags insert easily into the case to indicate the probe is ready to use.

This biodegradable, pre-clean soak cleaner contains protease and amylase enzymes to effectively remove biomaterials such as blood, vomit, mucus, fecal matter, and protein. TEEZyme® MC Cleaner works in any temperature and won't harm the TEE probe tubing.

Single-use QwikDry® Cloths are lint-free and irradiated to minimize contamination of the TEE probe from water-borne bacteria after pre-cleaning and high-level disinfection in the TD-100. The robust and ultra-smooth texture makes the cloth slide easily over the TEE probe tubing. A highly absorbent matrix quickly captures moisture. Single use and individual packaging eliminate the possibility of bacteria growth or outside contaminations being introduced to the clean probe after disinfection.

This automated high-disinfection system provides a safer, more consistent process than manual cleaning. The repeatable, timed cycles deliver known temperatures and disinfectant concentrations, helping your team maintain regulatory compliance efficiently.

This two-stage, hollow-fiber water filter captures bacteria, endotoxins, and viruses found in water. Easily installed between the TD-100 and medical facility’s water supply.

These TEE probe storage cabinets use positive-pressure, HEPA-filtered clean air to maintain probe cleanliness after disinfecting. Cabinets are made of rust-proof polypropylene and include hanging crescents and shelves to allow for easy and secure placement of the disinfected TEE probes. Up to 3 probes or 6 probes in the ACTE03 or ACTE06 respectively, can be safely stored and monitored behind a clear, locked front panel. Installation is easy; just plug the cabinet into a standard electrical outlet.

The ACVR06 provides the same clean environment for Endocavity Ultrasounds probes and is equipped with hooks that allow the disinfected Endocavity Ultrasound probe to be hung in a vertical position that minimizes stress on the connection cable, strain relief and electrical probe back of the probe.

NuZyme Ultrasound sponges aide in the Pre-clean step for ultrasound probes. These single use sponges have a unique contour to accommodate the transducer of the ultrasound probe. Pre-saturated with a multi-tiered enzyme-based detergent with a neutral pH, NUZyme sponges break down bio-burden and remove gross matter such as blood, protein, oils, carbohydrates, protein, and polysaccharides. Applying these one-time use, disposable sponges immediately after a procedure helps high-level disinfectants work effectively.

TransPorter Mobile Cart is designed for the simple and safe movement of multiple TPorter TEE Ultrasound Probe Transportation / Procedure Cases.

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TEE Complete Care provides a standardized, evidence-based guidelines approach to the reprocessing of TEE ultrasound probes. It improves quality, reduces variations, and controls cost in a variety of areas, from patient care to supply chain to overall departmental revenue management.
Standardization increases staff awareness, thus reducing the potential for improperly reprocessed reusable medical devices and thus improves patient care by reducing the risk of HAIs.